Kian Heng Truck Body Builder Pte.Ltd. was establised in 2008.

Kian Heng Truck Body Builder Pte Ltd designs and manufactures wide range of metal, stainless steel and aluminium industrial equipments such as aluminium checker plate, cargo box and tool box. It also provides bodywork services such as wooden body, canopy, railing, sliding canvas and so on. It provides logo design, logo installation and repair services as well.

Last but not least, it also provides metal and stainless steel cutting, bending and welding services. Kian Heng Truck Body Builder Pte Ltd is the truck fabrication company that uses their own Eco-Green Timber for truck flooring and named it as “BB Deck”. “BB Deck” is an eco-friendly product. It is 100% weather resistant and its durability supersedes your expectations. Also, it is highly recyclable. Hence, Kian Heng Truck Body Builder Pte Ltd has chosen “BB Deck” as their material for truck flooring.

Other than BB deck, we also provide Chengai wooden plank and Balau wooden plank as well.

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Taking the long term use of commercial vehicles into consideration, we highly recommend the use of BB Deck.

In ensuring the best in terms of stability, durability, least maintenance efforts and high returns of cost savings.

Other materials which provided by Kian Heng Truck Body Builder Pte Ltd:

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